Able Seedhouse + Brewery

Pros: Light, open, welcoming interior and outstanding beer names

Cons: Overblown “mission”

Number one reason you should go: I liked Able Seedhouse + Brewery mostly for the atmosphere. It’s friendly and fun, and the staff are great. They also sell sweet tank tops, one of which Adam bought me on the sly 🙂

When asked about his vision for Able Seedhouse + Brewery, Casey Holley said “I don’t want to build a beer hall. I want an intimate space for people to gather.” I have no idea what that means. But as we were walking into Able, I immediately felt like I was walking into a coffee shop / brewery / meeting space hybrid, rather than a straight brewery. With its varied seating options, giant garage doors, and woodsy warehouse aesthetic, Able seems like a space equally suited to sitting down with a cold press to type out your dissertation or having happy hour brews with coworkers.


Shoutouts to Tru Pizza as well – high quality wood-fired Neapolitan pizzastuffs.

Able is located in the hot white center of brewing activity in the cities: Northeast Minneapolis. It joins its brothers and sisters Bauhaus, Indeed, 612Brew, Dangerous Man, and many others in serving craft beer to 20-something cool cats in old brick environments. Able’s interior has plenty of natural light and fresh air due to giant windows and garage doors that are open in good weather.


Garage doors for days.


That aesthetic tho.

Able’s website rings with do-it-yourself ethos, advertising itself as a place to come and Create and Do and Make. They also have a copious stack of games, so I set out to make myself a cribbage winner (I did not succeed).


The details are the details,” observes Able’s beer page, continuing its creator’s tendency to say things that make no sense. Able is a farm-to-brewery establishment, and as such they keep it pretty simple with their brews. An IPA, a red, a stout, and three ales round out their selection. They also have cold press coffee on the menu.



Rather than branch out into crazy experimentation, Able seems to focus their resources on doing a few core styles of beer really, really well. You can read my reviews of their First Light American IPA (4.75/5), Blk Wlf Stout (2.5/5), and Supergiant Golden Ale (3.75/5) on Untappd here, here, and here. Also, props to brilliant beer names.


Liking the honeycomb partition.


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