HammerHeart Brewing Company

Pros: Unique theme, attention-grabbing beers Cons: A bit of a drive compared to other Twin Cities breweries Number one reason you should go: HammerHeart Brewing Company offers up a well-executed, one-of-a-kind concept in a backwoods, log cabin space. Every good Minnesota Viking should go experience it, especially if you like smoky beers. If you ever … Continue reading HammerHeart Brewing Company

Modist Brewing Co.

Pros: Solid beer, active brewery doing interesting things Cons: Expect crowds and noise (or try them at 6 p.m. on a Sunday) Number one reason you should go: FOMO Though the next brewery on the list was technically Indeed, we decided to skip ahead and hit up Modist Brewing Co., both because it completes the … Continue reading Modist Brewing Co.