Bad Weather Brewing Company

Pros: Interesting and changing beer selection, friendly strangers who invite you to play bags

Cons: Realizing you’re terrible at bags

Number one reason you should go: Bad Weather Brewing has carved out a clear identity for themselves in an overcrowded craft beer market. Go be a part of it.

Since we arrived after sunset, we never got a real good look at Bad Weather Brewing Company, the full contours and colors of the building remaining a mystery shrouded in darkness. Then again, that seems fitting for a brewery whose theme is chaos and thunderstorms, its rotating selection of seasonal brews reflecting the unpredictable weather of Minnesota.


From what we could see, Bad Weather is housed in what looks like a very large shed sporting that Twin Cities brewery staple, garage doors. Out front is a patio with picnic tables and bags, or “cornhole,” if you will.


As it approached 8pm, Bad Weather was bustling and full inside, but not overcrowded. We had no trouble finding a seat, albeit just for two people. The crowd seemed to skew middle-aged, a few with kids in tow.


One of the things I love most about the Twin Cities craft beer scene is its investment in local art and artists. Like the 612Brew/Adam Turman marriage or Surly’s label-designing contests, it seems every brewery you go to will be sporting some sort of local artwork. Bad Weather Brewing is no different, with work by local artist Lucas Gluesenkamp adorning their taproom walls, 6-packs, and labels.


Also: Edison bulbs ❤


As far as beer goes, Bad Weather likes to keep things interesting with an ever-rotating selection of seasonal taps and series (with a few constants). Their beers are sour, bright, bitter, and bold. I was surprised by every beer I tasted. You can read my reviews of their Saturation Fresh Hopped IPA (4.5/5) and Windvane Red IPA (4.5/5) on Untappd here and here.


We enjoyed the touch of the lightning bolts on the glass opposite their logo.

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