HeadFlyer Brewing

Pros: Perfect branding, great beer, excellent bartenders

Cons: I honestly can’t think of a con here. Stay open later, I guess. Come 10pm we didn’t want to leave, even on a Wednesday.

Number one reason you should go: If you’re looking for a trendy, Minnesota-centric brewery to hang out at while drinking great beer and chatting with amiable bartenders (and who doesn’t?), HeadFlyer is your place.


Aesthetic. An original voice amidst a fog of copycats. A signal that cuts through the noise and captures your attention. It’s something all breweries strive for: to be singular. Whether in terms of beer quality, structure and space, brand, or preferably all three. To secure that ineffable quality of being that can’t be described beyond, “You know it when you see it.” And when it comes, to say, “That. That’s it.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me elaborate:


That. Of all the breweries we’ve visited so far, HeadFlyer has my favorite branding, which is saying a lot in a craft beer field brimming with formidable contenders like Bauhaus Brew Labs and Able Seedhouse + Brewery.


HeadFlyer is located in a popular spot for breweries: Northeast Minneapolis. In less than 10 minutes of driving, you can reach a dozen others. But by positioning itself south of Broadway on Hennepin, HeadFlyer ends up both close to the University of Minnesota campus and downtown, while still retaining easy parking status. But back to the branding.



May I PLEASE draw your attention to this giant cribbage board???


Wicked Jump Shot Pale Ale

If I had to make up a marketing term for HeadFlyer’s branding, it would be “northwoods tribal” or “campground nightlife.” The taproom decor trades in neon and line drawings, projecting a passion for wildlife, architecture and beer local to the Twin Cities, with indigenous Minnesota overtones. Bdé Makhá Ská, amiright?


The crowd at HeadFlyer broke down like you might expect – late 20s to late 30s, trendy broke Northeast Minneapolis-…ites? Minneapolans? I actually don’t know what that’s called. Anyway, the brewery was full when we went, possibly because of the Sporcle Trivia that was taking place while we were there. We arrived too late to participate in the full competition but joined in the second round just for fun. Major ups to the bartender who fed us a couple answers, including the lake next to the Hoover Dam (Lake Mead, y’all).


Parallelogram tiles on the bar FTW

“Scrumptious,” a term I used to describe HeadFlyer’s Wicked Jump Shot Pale Ale (5/5), is one I would extend to most of their beers. We found all the brews we tried to be highly indulgent and drinkable. Of course, it helped our lady bartender was knowledgeable and decisive in helping us choose between brews. Big ups to all the bartenders at HeadFlyer. In addition to Wicked Jump Shot, we tried:

You can click those links to see my Untappd reviews.


Tessellation Pale Ale


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