The Breweries

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✓ 12welve Eyes Brewing (Review) (Website)
✓ 56 Brewing (Review) (Website)
✓ 56 Brewing – new location (Review) (Website)
✓ 612Brew (Review) (Website)
✓ Able Seedhouse + Brewery (Review) (Website)
✓ Bad Weather Brewing Company (Review) (Website)
✓ Bald Man Brewing (Review) (Website)
✓ Bang Brewing (Review) (Website)
✓ Barrel Theory Beer Company (Review) (Website)
✓ Bauhaus Brew Labs (Review) (Website)
✓ Bent Brewstillery (Review) (Website)
✓ BlackStack Brewing (Review) (Website)
✓ Boom Island Brewing Company (Review) (Website)
Brewmasters Brewing Company and Brewpub (Website)
✓ Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative (Review) (Website)
✓ Burning Brothers Brewing (Review) (Website)
Clockwerks Brewing (Website)
Clutch Brewing (Website)
Culhane Brewing (Website)
✓ Dangerous Man Brewing Co. (Review) (Website)
✓ Day Block Brewing Company (Review) (Website)
Dual Citizen Brewing Company (Website)
Eastlake Brewery & Tavern (Website)
Fair State Brewing Cooperative (Website)
Finnegans (Website)
Flat Earth Brewing Co. (Website)
The Freehouse (Website)
Fulton (Website)
Great Waters Brewing Company (Website)
HeadFlyer Brewing (Website)
The Herkimer Pub & Brewery (Website)
Inbound BrewCo. (Website)
Indeed Brewing Company (Website)
Insight Brewing (Website)
Lake Monster Brewing (Website)
Lakes & Legends Brewing Company (Website)
✓ LTD Brewing Co. (Review) (Website)
LynLake Brewery (Website)
Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery (Website)
Modist Brewing Co. (Website)
North Loop BrewCo. (Website)
Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub (Website)
NorthGate Brewing (Website)
Pryes Brewing (Website)
Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant (Website)
Sisyphus Brewing (Website)
Sociable Cider Werks (Website)
Stacked Deck Brewing Co. (Website)
Steel Toe Brewing (Website)
Summit Brewing Co. (Website)
Surly Brewing Co. (Website)
Tin Whiskers Brewing Company (Website)
Urban Growler Brewing Company (Website)
Utepils Brewing (Website)
Vine Park Brewing (Website)
Wabasha Brewing Company (Website)
Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery (Website)
Wicked Wort Brewing Company (Website)
Wild Mind Artisan Ales (Website)