Pros: Great location, vibes, and space; friendly staff; food in-house

Cons: Middling beer

Number one reason you should go: Having been around for almost a decade, Fulton is coming close to a Minneapolis mainstay. And with such a great location, you’ve got no reason not to go. Hit them up before your next Twins game when it warms up.

Founded in 2009, Fulton is one of the oldest craft breweries in a relatively young industry for the Twin Cities. If that doesn’t sound like that long ago, let me remind you that 2009 was almost ten years ago. Holy god.


Most of Fulton’s beer gets brewed out of their 51,000 square foot facility in northeast Minneapolis, but if you want to visit them, head to their centrally-located original brewery and taproom right across the street from Target Field. Immediately upon entry, concrete steps (and a wheelchair lift) lead the way into their relatively spacious, clubhouse-like enclave. A variety of seating arrangements, including booths, high tops, and benches, share space with a formidable merchandise counter, bar, and much-appreciated water station. A line of coat hooks along the wall is also a much-appreciated feature this time of year.


Hungry? Fulton has the distinction of being one of those somewhat rare breweries that provides their own food. A customized Airstream trailer parked outside doles out lamb burgers, patty melts, shoestring fries, charcuterie, and more all year long.


The staff at Fulton seem above average in terms of friendliness and service, and also seem to actually enjoy what they’re doing (not always the case). In general, the vibe at Fulton is relaxed and down-to-earth.


As for beer, most of Fulton’s offerings are middling-to-average, with a few commendable standouts. The Hopstar Session IPA presented an interesting case. When Mandi ordered hers, it came out straw-yellow and clear, while when I ordered mine 20 minutes later, it came out as cloudy as milk. The bartender informed me this is because they shake the keg every now and then to get the sediment off the bottom (it is supposed to be a cloudier beer), and I must have run into a cloudy pocket. I enjoyed the taste: dry and crispy. It also tasted the most bitter out of their IPAs to me, despite having the lowest IBU rating.

One other notable beer was Fulton’s War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout, with a light bourbon flavor rounded out by a formidable, distinct backing of dark chocolate. You can read our reviews of those beers, as well as the others we tried, at the Untappd links below:


Patience Barleywine

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