12welve Eyes Brewing

Pros: Satisfying beer, beautiful floors and decor Cons: Unsatisfying atmosphere (cold and basement-like...but hey, if you want to re-live those college parties...) Number one reason you should go: 12welve Eyes may not have nailed the lounge atmosphere, but they have some solid brews and a popular, convenient location. Have yourself a Dry-Hopped Hefeweizen, admire the … Continue reading 12welve Eyes Brewing

Boom Island Brewing

Pros: Extremely laid-back atmosphere, dogs, cool entrance Cons: Graduation party feel, Belgian beers (not a con for everyone obviously) Number one reason you should go: Boom Island felt like a party I wasn't sure I was invited to. But you might be. If there is one thing that can be said for Boom Island Brewing, … Continue reading Boom Island Brewing