Dual Citizen Brewing Co.

Pros: Conveniently located on the green line, cool branding concept, a couple good beers Cons: Chilly space, a couple "meh" beers Number one reason you should go: Dual Citizen seems especially to committed to its concept, location, and identity. But as with any new brewery, they are still finding their footing. Give it a couple … Continue reading Dual Citizen Brewing Co.

Great Waters Brewing Company

Pros: Comfortable atmosphere, cool location Cons: Relatively bland beer, nothing-to-write-home-about sandwiches Number one reason you should go: Great Waters is the only brewery in the Twin Cities we've seen so far where cask-conditioned ales are offered so consistently and under such strident quality standards. If you're interested in trying this style, Great Waters is a … Continue reading Great Waters Brewing Company