Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Pros: Authentic sense of community and thoughtful, enterprising, intelligently-brewed beer. Cons: Your lazy, worthless friends will like it so much they won't come with you when you move on to the next bar. Number one reason you should go: Fair State Brewing Cooperative has achieved the seemingly impossible task of engendering a legitimate craft brewing/beer … Continue reading Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Boom Island Brewing

Pros: Extremely laid-back atmosphere, dogs, cool entrance Cons: Graduation party feel, Belgian beers (not a con for everyone obviously) Number one reason you should go: Boom Island felt like a party I wasn't sure I was invited to. But you might be. If there is one thing that can be said for Boom Island Brewing, … Continue reading Boom Island Brewing

612Brew and (BONUS) LTD Brewing

Pros: (612) Busy but breathable, variety of seating options; (LTD) wide variety of beer, friendly atmosphere Cons: (612) Leery staff; (LTD) non-acoustic live music (why??), not accessible by public transportation Number one reason you should go: (612) Between the Better Homes & Gardens stone risers, next-door hallway with its iconic CITY sign, and other patio and interior seating, … Continue reading 612Brew and (BONUS) LTD Brewing