Fat Pants Brewing Co.

Key Takeaways: Eden Prairie’s 1st brewery, indoor food truck, better-than-average beer (for a new brewery), regrettable live music choices

When we first moved to Eden Prairie in November 2018, the closest brewery was Unmapped, 7 minutes away in Minnetonka. August 2019 heralded the arrival of Boom Island Brewing, which picked up from its namesake location in Minneapolis to a location only 4 minutes from us (but still in Minnetonka). Finally, in November 2019 came the first brewery to grace Eden Prairie proper with its presence: Fat Pants Brewing Co.


Nestled among the curving arterial roads and sleepy strip mall hamlets of suburbia, Fat Pants greeted us with exactly the atmosphere you might expect from a brewery with a high locations-to-customers ratio: packed to the gills. On a Friday night in January, Fat Pants was brimming with adults of all ages who love their craft beer and free parking in equal measure. We managed to find a seat, but had we not been a group of just two, we might not have fared so well.


The Fat Pants ethos reads:

The name Fat Pants originates from all those lazy days on the couch, chilly nights at the cabin, and mornings after one too many beers where you just need to curl up, get comfy, and put on your Fat Pants.

True to form, Fat Pants’ main room sported a living room-like corner complete with couches, a fireplace, and a version of Magritte’s The Son of Man with a hop taking place of the apple. The vibe in general was one of welcome and hospitality.


I always appreciate breweries with a variety of space and seating options. With a main room housing tables, high tops, couches, and the bar as well as a side room offering a plate glass view of the brewing area, Fat Pants is no exception. You can also order from the Fat Pants “food truck,” which is an actual truck that serves as the ordering window for their kitchen. We didn’t get to try any of Fat Pants’ food offerings this time, but we intend to next time we go.


One unfortunate aspect of our Fat Pants visit was the live music. At first I was wondering who had put on their fake-vibrato-laden 1998 Cities 97 sampler acoustic demo track and cranked it up to 11, then I realized there was a living, breathing person with a guitar in the corner. I’m not looking to out anybody here so I won’t say more except that we drank our second beers very, very quickly and got out of there.


Monkey Grinder IPA

As for the beer, Fat Pants presented us with your standard array of brews: a couple IPAs, some lighter options, a dark option, a sour option. We found their beer to be more skillfully-crafted than some other recently-opened breweries we’ve tried; it seems Fat Pants has largely escaped the growing pains that afflict many new breweries. I’d also like to note their advisement to “Please get your fat pants on responsibly” at the bottom of their online tap list has put me in a good humor. You can read our reviews of the four brews we tried at the Untappd links below:

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