Alloy Brewing Company

Pros: Large space, well-crafted beer

Cons: A bit of a drive from the city

Number one reason you should go: If you and your friends are tired of shouting over one another, consider grabbing a brew at this relatively quiet, suburban brewery with yard games and a large patio.

Well, the Twin Cities A-to-Z Brewery Tour is back to the beginning of the alphabet. Why? Because in late June, a new brewing company joined the thriving family of Twin Cities craft breweries: Alloy Brewing Company.


Built out of what looks to be an old car wash or repair shop, Alloy Brewing has set itself up in Coon Rapids and the under-served market of the northern suburbs. Given its suburban location, errand-running vibes, and wealth of parking spaces, we were feeling strong overtones of Bald Man Brewing going into this one.


What struck me first about Alloy Brewing was the sheer amount and variety of space. In addition to their main taproom, Alloy Brewing boasts a long side room with brewing equipment and a spacious concrete backyard / porch area with picnic tables, beanbag games, and giant Jenga – no downtown crowding issues here. The car ports along each wall also allowed ample opportunity for air and light to illuminate the building.


The people at Alloy Brewing were your typical suburban fare – skewed older, with a little more variety than you might find at your typical Northeast brewery. Notably, there was some sort of business networking event going on while we were there, drawing a small crowd in the front corner.


I was impressed by the quality of interior design at Alloy Brewing. Their charcoal gray and teal theme worked well with the dark wood tables and corrugated metal accents. The mixed flooring styles, track lighting, and heavy, formidable chairs added to the industrial chic vibe.


Lastly, I was impressed by the service at Alloy Brewing. The staff were patient and friendly, and seemed genuinely happy to be working there. I especially appreciated the beertender who gamely fed me free samples until my beer-loving but indecisive heart could make a choice on what to get.


Hairy man not included.

If I were to supply a single descriptor for Alloy’s beer, it would be “well-crafted.” Their brews have a studied flavor, layered and intense only when it needs to be. Brews of note were the White Noise Stout, which had notes of white chocolate and horchata and did not taste high-ABV, and the Pewter Porter, which was basically drinking the essence of a 90% cacao dark chocolate bar. You can read our reviews of those brews, as well as the others we tried, at the Untappd links below:


Cherry Lime Wit

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