Dual Citizen Brewing Co.

Pros: Conveniently located on the green line, cool branding concept, a couple good beers

Cons: Chilly space, a couple “meh” beers

Number one reason you should go: Dual Citizen seems especially to committed to its concept, location, and identity. But as with any new brewery, they are still finding their footing. Give it a couple months and then go get yourself a Grand Imperial Stout. You won’t be disappointed.

As a state, Minnesota is uniquely blessed with two equally compelling major cities within a 15-minute drive of one another. The Twin Cities of quiet, historical St. Paul and flashy, metropolitan Minneapolis are both the inspiration for the title of this blog and Dual Citizen Brewing Co., a brand new brewery located less than a mile east of Highway 280, the unofficial dividing line between the two cities. If the concept of MPLS / STP dual citizenry is intriguing to you, you can read about Dual Citizens’ employees’ take here.


We arrived at Dual Citizen on an appropriately sub-zero day in February, walk-running from the free street parking that can be found just south of the brewery (if you want to chance it, there may spots available in the permit-only lot for the historic C&E Flats to which Dual Citizen is attached. Just keep an eye on your car through the tall, garage-door style windows that line the walls).


In terms of aesthetics, Dual Citizen doesn’t break any new ground – you can expect the same converted-warehouse, industrial-chic vibe you’ll get from many breweries in the Twin Cities. Their branding, however, appears to be particularly well-developed, with renditions and variations on their logo everywhere you turn. Three that stood out to me were the wood-burned stools, the shared-sink bathroom mosaic, and the giant paint stencil rendering on the back wall featuring skylines of both cities.





One other aspect of Dual Citizen’s vibe that makes it stand out from other breweries is its somewhat concrete-bunker-style pall. Put simply: it was cold. Not so much that we noticed right away, but by the end of our stay we were all hunkering down into our coats. Granted, this could be due to our spot in the corner – I’m sure it’s difficult to evenly heat an angular space in February temperatures. But still, it was an element of the space that made our trip distinctly less enjoyable than it could have been.

As for food, Dual Citizen does not have a kitchen, but The Naughty Greek is next door and will deliver food right to your table. We opted for dinner at nearby Foxy Falafel instead, but have it on good olfactory and visual authority that The Naughty Greek has some good stuff. And as to the main product…


Lyndale Session Pale Ale

The beer offerings at Dual Citizen were hit-or-miss. Of their six offerings, two were dead ringers (Grand Imperial Stout and Broadway IPA), two were somewhat underwhelming (Kellogg Cream Ale and Lyndale Session Pale Ale), and two were just strange (Iglehart IPA and Ayd Mill Golden Ale). All their beers, as you might have noticed, are named after streets in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which is a nice touch. Click the links below to read our Untappd reviews:

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