12welve Eyes and the Home Brewing Community

A while ago, I reached out to 12welve Eyes Brewing with the question:

Your “About” page says 12welve Eyes “is offering a jumping-off point to other industry newcomers – a place where those who are passionate about their craft are given the opportunity to hone their skills in a brewery for the first time.” What does this mean? Are you going to be granting opportunities for other home brewers to try out their recipes at your brewery? Offering classes?

They recently replied, and I thought I’d share it here:

I hope that you are well, thank you for reaching out.

I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding. We’ve had some difficulties getting our General Information mailbox set up and we are going through all these old emails that have recently surfaced. I have been hired to try and tackle some of these outstanding emails, and I am so sorry for the delay.

Great question! And thank you for your interest in 12welve Eyes. Since we are a relatively new brewery, right now we are focused on maintaining 12 beers on tap as well as starting to slowly distribute. And so, what it means is a place to come and collaborate with us on our existing beers. Many home brewers are avid beer fans and know their stuff, and so by coming in to try our beer, we will accomplish the goal of creating a community of fans that are not your typical beer fan but actual beer geeks. We take that feedback from that group very seriously and take it back to our brew room. We’ve found that conversing with these customers is the best way for us to know how our beers are and then also helps us plan our future beers.

But! Our long-term goal, something we hope to unveil next year, is similar to what you describe. While nothing is set in stone at this time, fan-designed beers, classes, co-op brew days, and tours are all being discussed. Our goal is craft and we want to keep it that way, so we don’t foresee ourselves becoming so big that we lose sight of that goal. As we continue to develop our brewers and our staff, we foresee them going on to bigger things, and the idea is to cycle in new, passionate members of our team and develop them to eventually do the same. A true jumping off point into an industry that is growing faster than I can drink a taster I know this isn’t necessarily what you were looking for, but be on the lookout for future events, promotions, and co-op initiatives as they are definitely in our plan.

– John Carroll

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