Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

Pros: Free(!!) and interesting beer, good business ethos

Cons: Limited selection and hours

Number one reason you should go: If you never tried 56 Brewing when it was in this location, you should come experience the miraculously quiet, farm-like digs of Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

As it turns out, once you set out to conquer the world of Twin Cities breweries, that world keeps expanding. These days, it seems for every brewery review I write, a new one opens. Which is how I found myself back in the Bs, and back at the first location I ever reviewed in September 2016: 56 Brewing. Because as of a month ago, that location has a new owner: Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative.


Looks familiar… Photo credit: @etowens13


At least my photo editing skills have improved.

We experienced déjà vu in other ways, too. Like 56 Brewing before it, Broken Clock doesn’t sell pints, but rather offers tasters of their beers and growler sales. With one improvement: the tasters are completely FREE. We received a 4-oz. sample of each one of their beers – a pint’s worth of beer – at no cost.


Photo credit: @etowens13

Since the familiar surroundings have put me in a reflective mood, I’ll have to say Broken Clock’s 2Brew Coffee Kölsch might be the most interesting beer I’ve encountered since beginning this journey. In the picture above, it is the beer second from the left, and by looking at it, I completely expected it to taste mainly of wheat or hops with maybe a hint of coffee. Nope – it tastes like straight-up cold press. Good cold press. I was also impressed by the regular Community Kölsch, which has a pleasantly clean, grassy flavor, and the Lavender Uprising IPA, a dead ringer for Indeed Brewing’s LSD Honey Ale. We ended up purchasing a half-growler of it to take home. You can read my Untappd reviews of all four beers at the links below:


Photo credit: @etowens13

Also like 56 Brewing, Broken Clock’s venue is about as scrappy as you can get. Dirt and gravel parking lot, some wooden stumps and other miscellaneous seating apparatus, a few yard games, and an operation out of what essentially amounts to a garage. Again, I enjoyed the stripped-down atmosphere. Paired with friendly beertenders and fellow patrons, it made for an enjoyable, low-key afternoon trip.


On the wall all the way to the ceiling: the collection of said broken clocks. Photo credit: @etowens13

A Saturday afternoon, to be specific. If you want to make it to Broken Clock, make sure to check their hours first. They are limited, but not unreasonable. But if you plan to go on a Wednesday, like I originally did, you’ll be disappointed.


Fermentation tanks. Also pictured: meat candy. Photo credit: @etowens13


2Brew Coffee Kölsch



Photo credit: @etowens13


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