All caps just felt right on this one.


In some ways, I feel as though Dangerous Man Brewing Company is the quintessential brewery. It checks all the boxes: hip lumberjack vibes, Northeast location, local art, food truck, board games galore, great affordable pints, and always, always packed.


Photo credit: mandiapolis

Dangerous Man’s crowds are at once its greatest drawback and benefit. The first time we came here, Mandi and I couldn’t find a place to sit down. But that led to us sharing a table with two strangers who quickly turned into two new entertaining conversation partners. It’s a crowd, sure, but it’s a friendly crowd. “We’re here to have fun,” the atmosphere seems to say. “If you can’t sit down, stand up.”


“…and if someone’s taking a picture, smile.” Photo credit: mandiapolis

But enough about people, let’s get to what really matters…


Dangerous Man is one of those breweries that is always innovating with their beers; one look at their beer archives is testament to that. On tap the week we went were the Eureka Single Hop IPA, Lime Almond Wit (a collaboration with their new neighbor Young Joni), and Golden Guava IPA. Out of those, the classic Eureka IPA was my favorite. Follow those links to read my Untappd reviews. And though I didn’t taste it for this review, Dangerous Man’s excellent, not-too-sweet Peanut Butter Porter is also deserving of a shout out.


Lime Almond Wit. Photo credit: mandiapolis

Pros: Fun, friendly crowd, great and ever-innovative beer selection, cool merch

Cons: Crowded

Number one reason you should go: Dangerous Man Brewing Co. has quickly established itself as a Northeast institution. You must go. And if you live in Northeast, legally, you have to go.




NOTE: I do realize I haven’t yet reviewed Burning Brothers. They’ll be next!



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