Pros: Fun, friendly crowd, great and ever-innovative beer selection, cool merch

Cons: Crowded

Number one reason you should go: Dangerous Man Brewing Co. has quickly established itself as a Northeast institution. You must go. And if you live in Northeast, legally, you have to go.

All caps just felt right on this one.


In some ways, I feel as though Dangerous Man Brewing Company is the quintessential brewery. It checks all the boxes: hip lumberjack vibes, Northeast location, local art, food truck, board games galore, great affordable pints, and always, always packed.


Photo credit: mandiapolis

Dangerous Man’s crowds are at once its greatest drawback and benefit. The first time we came here, Mandi and I couldn’t find a place to sit down. But that led to us sharing a table with two strangers who quickly turned into two new entertaining conversation partners. It’s a crowd, sure, but it’s a friendly crowd. “We’re here to have fun,” the atmosphere seems to say. “If you can’t sit down, stand up.”


“…and if someone’s taking a picture, smile.” Photo credit: mandiapolis

But enough about people, let’s get to what really matters…


Dangerous Man is one of those breweries that is always innovating with their beers; one look at their beer archives is testament to that. On tap the week we went were the Eureka Single Hop IPA (4/5), Lime Almond Wit (3.25/5) (a collaboration with their new neighbor Young Joni), and Golden Guava IPA (3.5/5). Out of those, the classic Eureka IPA was my favorite. Follow those links to read my Untappd reviews. And though I didn’t taste it for this review, Dangerous Man’s excellent, not-too-sweet Peanut Butter Porter is also deserving of a shout out.


Lime Almond Wit. Photo credit: mandiapolis



NOTE: I do realize I haven’t yet reviewed Burning Brothers. They’ll be next!


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