Bang Brewing

Pros: Cozy atmosphere, unique and interesting location

Cons: Limited hours

Number one reason you should goNorwegians have a name for the ineffable quality of reveling in warmth in comfort amidst the dark and cold of winter: koselig. Go for the koselig.

Pulling up to Bang Brewing reminded me of navigating to 56 Brewing for the first time. It sits shoulder-to-shoulder with another brewery – Urban Growler – in the same sort of industrial park-like space that Heavy Table deemed the “urban boonies.” A fire pit crackled bravely in the freezing January air, glinting off the corrugated sides of what is undoubtedly Bang Brewing’s most distinctive feature: that it is a grain bin.



Also like 56 Brewing, Bang keeps limited hours, only opening its doors three nights per week. But when you actually get inside – and you should get inside – that is where the similarities with 56 Brewing end. While 56 was a true ramshackle garage, Bang is full of farm finery. Reclaimed wood, cozy lighting, and the smell of fresh grains (Bang keeps its bags of grain piled up near the entrance probably out of necessity, but it also serves the dual purpose of masking the less-pleasant smell of wort boiling) gives the feel of being in a barn, if that barn were designed by Martha Stewart.



I always feel awkward taking pictures for reviews, but this was especially true at Bang. In a space not much bigger than your living room, it’s hard not to notice what your neighbor is doing. I enjoyed it, though. The small structure gave a strong sense of camaraderie. “Sure it’s dark, sure it’s cold,” the room seemed to say, “but dammit, we have a grain bin, and we have beer. And we’re gonna huddle around these inexplicably tiny tables and enjoy it.”


More than once we caught our fellow revelers staring at the high ceiling and twisting around, mouths agape.


It’s the St. Paul flag! (Also: St. Paul has a flag!)


Bang’s beer menu looks like a list of Mad Libs selections (“Nice,” “Neat,” “Boss,” “Good,” etc.). I had a Bang IPA and enjoyed its bright, fresh taste – probably amplified by the fact that it looked like orange juice. Unfortunately, I failed to rate it in the moment but you can read reviews of it and others on Bang Brewing’s Untappd page.



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