56 Brewing

Pros: Good beer and quiet, low-key atmosphere

Cons: Limited hours and tasting options

Number one reason you should go: Most breweries you go to on Friday or Saturday night are too loud to have a proper conversation, which is why I loved 56 Brewing’s quiet, open-air, country-like atmosphere.

Driving up to 56 Brewing is like driving into the plot of a horror movie.

“Are we going to be killed?” Adam asked as we took our third left at a handwritten sign on cardboard that said “56 Brewing,” spiraling into the heart of an ancient-looking industrial complex.


Luckily, the gravel driveway and chain link fences weren’t an indicator of malice, but rather of a very homegrown and down-to-earth atmosphere. The brewery operates out of a warehouse next to an art company and a steel company, hence the creative metal sculptures scattered throughout the small patio area. A sign by the entrance proudly boasts it was founded by University of Minnesota graduates, and our beertender told us 56 Brewing technically only has one employee – the rest of the work is done by volunteers. Since the tap room is only open Friday 5-8:30pm and Saturday 12-8:30pm, we were sneaking in on a Saturday night in the waning hours of a golden summer evening.


56 Brewing doesn’t sell pints, but for ~$8 you can purchase a pint glass and get a taster of every beer they have on the menu at the moment. We chose to go that route and tried all of their brews, right on down the line. My favorites (expectedly) were the IPAs, which I reviewed on Untappd here and here (California Street, 4.75/5; Session 56, 3.5/5).

FullSizeRender (1)


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